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Why trademarks are important for startups? – Trademark Registration in Coimbatore

Why trademarks are important for startups in India?

In Everyday Life Of A Consumer, The Trademark Beats Strongly In Indicating Their Decision While Choosing Products. The trademark in Superscript of any brand name creates trust and a good feeling about the products, so customers can be easily attracted. Trademark logo, Just Make It Someone. Why trademarks are important for startups? – Trademark Registration in Coimbatore is what we are going to be discussed here and mentioned documents.


What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a type of intellectual property rights granted to certain names, symbols, devices or names. Trademark Approves the Name / Design to be Used by the Owner and also ensures that it is not used by anyone else.

Trademark Registration Process:

India Registration Procedure Written Below:

  1. Trademark Requesting: Ensuring That No Trademark Is Registered Under The Entry Name.
  2. Trademark Application: Completing a Trademark Application. You can start using Tm Symbol as soon as the application is installed.
  3. Trademark Registration: After the Trademark Office Approves Your Application Without Objection, When Your Product Will Be Registered.

Differences between registered and unregistered trademark:

In India, Any Mark Registered Under the Trade Act, 1999 is retained as a registered trademark. The registered trademark owner will be granted exclusive use of the logo / name and ensure that the same is not used by others.

Registered Trademark Users Will Have A Longer Contribution To Legal Processes Than To Unregistered Trademarks. Registered Trademark Users Are Allowed To Use ® Symbol In Their Name, While Unregistered Trademark Users Are Allowed To Use Tm Symbol, And The Application Process. In some cases, Unregistered Commercial Users Will Receive General Legal Rights.

Here Are A few Benefits of Marketing trademark Registration That Compels You to Register a Trademark to Get Started.

  1. Trademark Is Your Inheritance:

Once your trademark is registered, it becomes an important asset. The value of the asset increases according to the value of your company. Because A Trademark Represents Your Company’s Face, Your Improved Reputation Can Increase Your Trademark Value More Than Your Other Assets.

  1. Assists in Business Expansion:

Trademarks Help The Company Grow And Be More Profitable. Customers Can Instantly See Your Product By Trademark, Make It Easy To Advertise A New Product Using Your Parent Company Logo

  1. It offers exceptions:

To Succeed in Today’s Competitive Economy, It Is Important to Shine. If You Do Not Have A Registered Trademark, You Are Unlikely To Succeed In Business. Trademark Prevents Others From Acquiring Your Products.

  1. Trademark is a Communication Tool for Your Business:

Trademarks Can Be Used To Transfer A Statement About Your Company Or Its Products. It’s a great way to introduce people to your company by using a unique identifier as a trademark.

  1. Trust Number:

Trademarks Can Be Used To Communicate A Message About Your Company Or Products. It’s a great way to introduce people to your company by using a unique identifier as a trademark.

  1. Protects Customers from Confusion and Deception:

Consumers Are Often Confused When Two Product Products Are Compared. In such cases, the Importance of Being Important Begins to Play. The Trademark Makes It Easy For Customers To See Your Product And Keep Them Confused.

  1. Trademarks Can Make Employment Easy:

Products Have The Power To Feel Good E For Individuals. As a result, Career Prospects are very appealing to students. Employee Retention Can Increase If Employees Have A Positive Position Of Business And Products And Services Provided.

  1. Trademark Registration Protects You From Crime:

If you have registered your product, you will be protected from such infringement. If a Company Wants to Ride Your Success By Using Your Business Mark, They Can’t. If they do, you can sue them for everything they own.

  1. The trademark includes all of the following:

When You Recognize Your Product Or Service, It Includes All Your Ownership. In a nutshell, Your Presence of Digital, Products, and Public Appeal is very visible. This Partnership Offers Several Benefits, Including Marketing And Customer Transfers.

  1. Use of Profit Resources.

Commercial Protection Required for Licensing Purposes. It is more than just getting licenses from the world’s largest companies. As a Business Plan, We Represent Many Beginners With Their Technology And Product Labels. A Technical License is the Best Way to Put Your Business First. In the end, Product is more important than technology if it is done properly.

Pros of Indian trademark Registration

  1. Simple Process

To make it easier for businesses to register, the Indian government has created a mobile app and website. Anyone who wants to start a business can do so by filling out a simple form and filling out an online application. The whole process is completely online.

  1. Cost reduction

In addition, the government publishes a list of patent and trademark promoters. They will provide state-of-the-art Copyright services, such as copyright testing, timely and cost-effective. The government will pay all the promoters’ money, leaving the first payment. The cost of patenting will be reduced by 80% for them.

  1. Easy Access to Funds

The government has set up a fund of 10,000 crore rupees to provide entrepreneurship funding. To encourage banks and other financial institutions to invest, the government also provides guarantees to lenders.

  1. Tax holiday 3 years

Startups with the approval of the Multi-Ministerial Board will be exempt from paying tax for three years (IMB).

  1. Apply for tenders

Introduction can compete with government contracts. Exempt from the limits of “previous experience / profit” that applies to ordinary businesses that respond to government tenders.

  1. R& D Resources

Seven Research Parks will be established to provide R&D startup facilities.

  1. Less time rules

Some alliances have been cleaned up earlier to save time and money. Startups will be able to ensure their adherence to the nine functions and three environmental regulations (via the mobile startup app).

  1. Tax savings for investors

People who invest their profits in government-run investments will be exempt from capital gains tax. This will help to start attracting more investors.

  1. Choose your investor

Following this concept, entrepreneurs will be able to choose between VCs, allowing them to choose their own investors.

  1. Easy exit

In case of exit – Launch may close its doors within 90 days after the suspension file.

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