Trademark Registration in Coimbatore

The trademark registration in Coimbatore Solubilis is a straight forward task. A unique trademark provides utmost value and global presence about the service or product in the business market. the trademark is also called the backbone of a successful business. We Solubilis has been nominated by the public as the best trademark registration service consultants in and around Coimbatore Tamilnadu . Our firm spread wings to other cities like Chennai, Trichy, Madurai, Salem, Karur and Tirupur. Trademark registration has become one of the most valuable vital aspects of IPR services. (Intellectual Property Rights). To defend the business generosity and status in the business world, it is very important to escort with business law services including trademark registration in our coimbatore. Unique trademark search is the utmost thing in registering a trademark. Our Solubilis experts are well expertise in trademark registry and we will provide you accurate guidance to register your "Tremendous Growth Aspect- Trademark". Eminently progressive Coimbatore city is utilizing our world class legal registration service for the fast economic development of their business. In this lavishly informative website, we are presenting refined information on trademark registration services.

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Advantages of Trademark

Exclusive Rights

The proprietor of the registered trademark enjoys the absolute benefits and can posses all rights over his/her trademark. The trademark owner has the right to sue the unauthenticated users of their registered trademark.

Frames trust and goodwill

The quality of the service or the product is known by everyone through the trust and the goodwill that is established through this elegant registered trademark.

Asset framing

Registered trademark is an intangible asset that can be sold or franchised or even it can be assigned to third party and commercial contracted and provides additional advantage to the firm.

use of ® symbol

After the trademark registration process, the owner can use the ® symbol on the logo which resembles that this is a registered trademark and others cannot use the same trademark.

Human resource attraction

Trademark acts as a magnet in aspiring young minds towards joining the big brand community and resembles positive image that reduces customer hiring cost and related activities.

10 year validity at very low cost

The registration cost for trademark is available at very reasonable price in our Solubilis and it is shows cost effectiveness and helps the company to create unique appearance.

Our main Features

Our sophisticated services of Solubilis for trademark registration in Coimbatore covers all legal registration services in this galloping south city.

Stability in Business

We maintain stability in all kinds of business aspects and support our customers to reach real heights.

Aspiration of our Business

We aspire to contribute unending reinforcement to our valuable clients from the start till the end of all legal registration services.

Our Business analytic policy

We struggle hard in incorporating customers trademark and other entities like logo, brand, design, etc and to achieve their all other needs within deadline.

Documents needed for Trademark Registration

  • Applicant name, address and nationality (Partner's name if available)
  • Name of the trading company- company or state of incorporation
  • List of goods or services for which the trademark is applied for.
  • Non- English words requires English translation.
  • Date of first use of the trademark in India.
  • Power of Attorney by the applicant on the authorization Form TM-48 in stamp paper
  • Private or Public company should furnish Memorandum and Article of Association.
  • 20 labels of trademark logo in lettering style.
Searching for a similar trademark is more cost effective and time conserving beginning stage process. It helps to avoid duplications of pre existing marks.
The availability of the domain name is not an indication. The company can have a trademark on their product or service but not on domain name. The domain name should only be a part of a comprehensive search.
Apart from registering a mark on the principal register, the supplemental register is another option. If a mark is eloquent, a surname or a geographic term then it is needed to be registered under supplemental register.
Usually, the trademark owner will send a cease and desist letter demanding the infringing party to stop using his trademark. We can talk with an attorney to proceed with successful lawsuits.
Trademark registration generally prohibits others from using it. An online or offline community can be protected by trademark. But the use of social media to sell other goods or other services is not a mark that can be registered.

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