Process of registering a trademark

Process Of Registering Trademark

Search for a unique trademark

The first step is to search for a unique trademark all over India and identifying the category under which the trademark is segregated.

Filing the unique trademark

The word and the logo trademark have to be filed individually. Graphic representation trademark falls under class x.

Allotment of trademark application

The owner of the business should sign a Power of Attorney for authorization which is proceeded by the allotment of trademark application.

Trademark examination

The trademark registration application will be allotted to a trademark officer and he/she reviews the application and verifies correctness and issues a examination report.

Journal publication of the trademark

The accepted trademark is published in the trademark journal that have been accepted by the trademark registrar.

Final trademark registration

Once the trademark certificate is issued, the owner obtains the exclusive rights over his brand and the ® symbol can now be placed next to the logo or the trademark.

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