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Well-known trademark in India – Trademark Registration in Coimbatore

Well-known trademarks in India

A trademark is a key identification name, logo or brand name for your products or services that give you a unique identity anywhere in the world. A trademark is not necessarily a logo, it can be a name, a brand name, a product or something you want to own full rights to. Trademark registration in Coimbatore states that a trademark is a unique expression, image or logo that represents an iconic representation of a brand’s products and services, distinguishing each brand’s specific trademark from other competitors in the market.In order for your company to be uniquely qualified for your registered name or brand, you must register the trademark at the Intellectual Property Office. Well-known trademark in India – Trademark Registration in Coimbatore is what we are going to be discussed here and mentioned documents.


Although many believe that registering a domain or company name with Company House provides exclusive rights over the name, this is not true; In fact the only way to get these rights is to register the trademark at the Intellectual Property Office. Trademark registration in Coimbatore states that not only are registered trademarks significantly cheaper to protect than unregistered ones, but the chances of encountering conflict are low because potential infringers are prevented by registered trademark. Furthermore, with a registered trademark, you are entitled to take legal action against any organization that uses your logo without authorization – giving your company complete peace of mind.

Well known trademarks in India

Trademark registration in Coimbatore states that in simple language, well-known marks receive extra protection and are protected from trademark infringement. Trademarks other than the well-known trademarks provide some protection in a particular geographical area and in terms of products, while well-known trademarks are protected across the country and across a wide range of goods and services. The Registrar of Trademarks prohibits any mark that is misleading or equivalent to any public mark. For example, ‘Amul’ is registered as a well-known trademark so that only the owner of the Kaira District Cooperative Dairy Producers can register the word ‘Amul’ for any class of goods and services.

Trademark registration in Coimbatore states that Clause 6 of Section 11 lists the factors to be considered when familiarizing with a trademark:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the trade name or symbol in important sections of the public.
  • The geographical location, duration and range of trademarks used.
  • The trademark is promoted in certification with geographical location, duration and applicable goods and services.
  • Registration or request for registration of a trademark they reflect the use or recognition of the mark.
  • The record corresponding to the rights of that mark, in particular, the scope of the trademark’s recognition may be called by some court or any registrar under the record.
  • According to Rule 124 of the Trademark Regulations, trademark owners can appeal to the Registrar in the form of a TM-M for the granting of the status of a “popular” trademark.
  • Another provision in Section 11 is that in the event of a dispute against the Registrar the Registrar shall maintain the interest of the well-known marks on such matters and shall also consider and observe the oppressed interests of the opponent.

Importance of Trademark registration in Coimbatore

Creating the right identity for yourself is very important when you have a brand. It is after all that helps you to distinguish yourself from the others of your Ilk and to be unique in the true sense of the word.This unique identity helps you create the need for your submissions in your intended audience and clients. It will eventually make you successful. An important part of your brand identity is your trademark. It’s basically your trademark, which helps you to be recognized from your competitors.

Trademark registration in Coimbatore states that to earn a trademark for your unique brand name and logo, you must prepare an application, file it with the relevant trademarks section with the original supporting documents through a legal attorney and he / she will take care of your brand name registration.If it is your own originality in the brand and unique from the trade name of others, you can get the registration certificate in less time.

You are basically protecting your brand when you register your trademark. You are looking to secure its reputation. In this way, you also protect your thoughts.In today’s ultra-competitive world of business you have nothing to deny, all these aspects of your business, you have to make sure that you have invested a lot in terms of blood, sweat and tears, be yours and should not be assigned by someone else.Trademark registration in Coimbatore states thathaving a trademark ensures that you are legally protected because the trademark registration process in India means you cannot take someone else’s trademark and no one else can take yours. This process can be time consuming but let it bother you.If someone is piracying your brand, you can take legal action against them.

Gives you exclusive ownership:

Trademark registration in Coimbatore states thatthe registered owner of the trademark acquires exclusive ownership over the trademark. The registered owner may enjoy sole ownership of the trademark and limit the unauthorized use of the trademark. It provides the legal right to sue an unauthorized user of a registered trademark.

Creation is an invaluable asset:

The trademark ensures a well-known, unchanging quality and source of product and services for everyone and it optimizes the trust and reputation of the customers. It helps maintain sustainability among consumers. The registration of a trademark creates invaluable incomplete assets (incomplete assets in plain language means that such assets cannot be touched or viewed; Made or contracted commercially.

Essentials of Trademark registration in Coimbatore

When it comes to your business, the most important thing is its intellectual property. This includes your company name, logo, brand and other unique features. It is important for you to protect them all.

In general, most businesses, especially new ones, focus more on establishing the company than protecting the company. Therefore, when it comes to protecting the intellectual property of an organization, people often delay it and face the consequences.Trademark registration in Coimbatore states that if your trademark is not registered, you run the risk of infringing and losing all of your business. By completing a trademark registration in India, you not only legally protect your trademark, but also ensure that you own your business.

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