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Trademark registration in Coimbatore


Any business can use a trademark, which is a mark, symbol, word, letter, label, or number. The goal is to set itself apart from other businesses that produce or provide goods, services, or both. Most of the time, these are trade names or logos that customers in the market recognize a particular business by. Because of this, every business that uses a particular trademark with trademark registration in Coimbatore wants to keep it safe from unauthorized use. In India, a process for registering a trademark online makes this easier.

Appropriately, to safeguard the Trademark from unapproved use, it tends to be enrolled under the arrangements of the Trademark Act, 1999. For this, an application for Trademark registration perhaps with the Workplace of Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks.


Any individual or business enterprise utilizing a logo, picture, or any image, and so on as its trademark can apply for trademark registration in Coimbatore. It should be noted that a trademark can also be registered as a “Mark Proposed to be Used,” and there is no requirement that the trademark be already in use.

Advantages of Trademark registration online

Together with the trademark, the ® mark can be used to inform the general public that the trademark is registered. The primary advantages of trademark registration are as follows:

  • A trademark with Online trademark registration in Coimbatore aids in the development of a trademark for the company in the market and protects it from unauthorized use by others.
  • A trademark cannot be registered in the name of another person in the same class if it is already registered in that class.
  • Legal action may likewise be made if there should be an occurrence of infringement of Trademark.

Fundamentals of trademark registration

To begin, it is important to understand some fundamentals regarding the procedure of online trademark registration in Coimbatore:

The Type of Trademark:

Based on various business activities, the World Intellectual Property Offices (WIPO) have divided all goods and services into 45 distinct classes. As a result, before submitting an application for registration, we should determine the class of the mark that needs to be registered. It is possible that a mark falls under more than one class.

For instance, if a company sells study materials online and provides online education services, its trademark will fall into two categories: Class 41 for educational institutions and Class 42 for online businesses or e-commerce. This means that a trademark cannot be registered in the same class twice if it is already registered in one class. However, it should be noted that the same Mark may have brand registration in Coimbatore under a different name in a different class.

Jurisdiction of protection:

It should be noted that only India will be protected if we choose the process for online logo registration in Coimbatore.

If the registered user wishes to have it protected in additional nations, he or she must also submit an application for registration in those nations in accordance with their intellectual property laws.

What are four types of trademarks?

  1. Generic
  2. Descriptive
  3. Suggestive
  4. Arbitrary or fanciful

Let’s see all the types of trademarks in detail.

  1. Generic

A common description that lacks trademark protection is known as a generic term. It is permissible to use generic terms. The holder of a generic term that is protected by a trademark might be able to unfairly monopolize common language.

  1. Descriptive

A term that describes the nature of the goods or services will not be protected as a trademark unless the owner can demonstrate that the public’s association with the owner’s goods or services gives the term an additional meaning.

  1. Suggestive

A term that creates an implications about the good or service without depicting anything specifically can be managed the cost of trademark security even without a secondary meaning.

The consumer must use their imagination to determine the precise nature of the product or services when using this kind of trademark. Playboy (magazine), Greyhound (buses), and Jaguar (vehicles) are a few examples of suggestive trademarks.

  1. Arbitrary or fanciful

The most protection for a trademark is provided by arbitrary or fanciful marks. A fanciful trademark is one that has been invented or created by the owner solely for the purpose of marketing a product or service under a trademark.

Nike, XEROX, and Kodak are typical examples. An arbitrary trademark is unified with a typical significance, however the importance is inconsequential to the labor and products made available for purchase under the imprint. Apple computers, for instance, have used the term “fruit” to refer to computer technology.

When trademark registration is effective?

In India, trademark registration in Coimbatore is not automatic and requires a number of legal steps before the mark can be used. The registration process for the mark can take up to six months and must be filed with the Indian Patent and Trademark Office (IPTO).

The mark is fully protected once it is registered, including from unauthorized use. You must provide information about the mark, such as its name, description, and origin, in order to register it. Additionally, you must demonstrate your ownership rights to the mark. Last but not least, you need to pay the IPTO for the application fee.

An overview

  • In India, the process of online brand registration in Coimbatore takes a long time and requires a significant financial investment.
  • The Indian trademark office requires trademark registration, which can be a costly process.
  • To enlist a trademark, you should give proof of purpose, for example, reserve that you have proactively enrolled in different nations or exchange mark applications that have been documented with the Indian government.
  • The time period for finishing the trademark registration process can vary altogether based on the complexity of your application.
  • When your mark has received trademark registration in Coimbatore, you should guarantee that it is effectively utilized to keep up with its insurance.
  • To revoke or cancel your enrolled trademark, you should follow specific procedure and pay an expense.
  • We are here to assist in the trademark registration process. We also provide watchdog service.


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