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Procedure to Register a Trademark – Trademark Registration in Coimbatore

Procedure to register a trademark in India

A trademark is a sort of licensed innovation comprising of an unmistakable sign, or articulation which recognizes items or administrations of a specific source from those of others. A trademark proprietor can be an individual, business association, or any lawful element. A trademark might be situated on a bundle, a mark or on the actual item. A trademark proprietor can be an individual, business association, or any legitimate element. A trademark might be situated on a bundle, a mark or on the actual item. Procedure to Register a Trademark – Trademark Registration in Coimbatore is what we are going to be discussed here and mentioned documents.


Features of trademark

The fundamental capacity of a trademark is to solely help with recognizing the source or beginning of items or administrations, it demonstrates the source or fills in as an identification of beginning. Certain selective rights are appended to an enrolled trademark.

Trademark encroachment in India is characterized under Section 29 of the Trademarks Act, 1999. Basically, when an unapproved individual uses a trademark that is indistinguishable or misleadingly like an enrolled trademark, it is known as trademark encroachment.

Unapproved Person, indistinguishable or misleadingly comparative (regardless of whether there is opportunity for a probability of disarray among the general population), Registered Trademark, Good/administrations. Any utilization of selective legal privileges of an enlisted trademark comprises encroachment.

Trademark registration can keep going forever. Everything necessary to keep up with trademark rights is the proceeded with utilization of that imprint according to the labor and products an endeavor offer. This is diverse to copyrights and licenses, which have termination dates and ultimately go into public area.

Processing short

Trademark search in Chennai, recording Trademark Application at Trademark library India, then, at that point Examination, the inspector may acknowledge the trademark totally, restrictively or object to it. The examination may require one year. From there on the trademark must be published, so any individual who objects to enlisting of the trademark has freedom to go against and communicate his perspective. At long last, a registration authentication under the mark of trademark office is given after effectively clearing the previously mentioned steps.

Let’s see the process in detail.

Registration process

The registration process in India is a ‘first to record’ premise. Along these lines, apply for registration quickly. A trademark as a rule requires 2-3 years to get enlisted, if the trademark isn’t being gone against by a third party[1]. Trademark applications are taken care of by the Office of the Controller General of Patents, Trade Marks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications. The application should be filled according to regional locale. To enroll a trademark registration in India the accompanying advances should be followed:-

Select a trademark specialist in India:

Proprietors are possibly permitted to record a trademark application if their business environment is in India. In case this isn’t the situation, the right holder should record a trademark application through a specialist or lawyer. The specialist or lawyer generally deals with the technicalities, for example, looking, planning, recording and indictment of the trademark.

Assurance of the qualification and accessibility of the trademark:

The specialist typically begins the registration cycle by deciding if the trademark is qualified for trademark registration and directing a freedom search to check whether there is a comparable imprint in the workplace of the regulator general.

Finishing the application structure and recording:

If the trademark specialist has the force of lawyer from the right holder he can finish and document the application structure. The structure will require subtleties like name and address of the owner, a portrayal of the labor and products related with the imprint, regardless of whether the imprint is being used and a duplicate of the imprint.

Audit by the trademark office:

The trademark office surveys the application to check whether it is finished and afterward allocates the application a number. On the off chance that the trademark is enlisted, this number turns into the trademark registration number.

Primer endorsement and publication, show cause hearing or dismissal of the application:

The trademark affiliation decides whether the application is banned from trademark registration either on outright or relative justification for refusal as recommended in the Trade Marks Act, 1999. After this, they issue an assessment report inside a time of one month. Contingent upon the assessment report the registration center of the trademark decides if the application should be acknowledged, dismissed or set up for ‘show cause ‘ During a ‘show cause hearing’ subject to the realities an application may be dismissed, acknowledged or acknowledged with specific restrictions. On the off chance that the application is dismissed, the candidate can advance at the Intellectual Property Appellate.


Within the term of 90 days publication in the Trademarks Journal, if not went against by an outsider, the trademark will continue for trademark registration and the trademark authority will continue to give an registration testament.

The Registrar will give a Certificate of Registration on Form RG-2. The authentication will incorporate the Trademark and the mark of the Registry. It is to be noticed that this authentication can’t be utilized in judicial procedures. Just authentications gave under Section 137 of the Trade Marks Act, 1999[xi] can be utilized in judicial procedures.

Post registration

As indicated by Section 25(1) of the Trade Marks Act, 1999[xii], the registration of a Trademark will lapse inside a time of a long time from the date of registration. Nonetheless, the Trademark might be restored at whatever point required.

Importance of trademark

Business Opportunity

An item or administration that has been promoted under a brand enlistment trademark helps with developing trust, quality, dependability, and generosity in the client’s brain. It gives you a special character contrasted and different venders especially when you exchange it on online stages like Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

A Legal Protection

Nobody can utilize your enrolled trademark and in the event that on the off chance that you question anyone to business that your trademark is being replicated, you can document a case legitimately and sue them for enlisting your image name, enlisted logo or motto.

Acquire your Unique Identity

Clients generally recognize a specific help or item just with their image name. Subsequently by enlisting a trademark it guarantees that contenders ought not utilize it and your trademark registration stays as an organization’s novel resource for quite a while.

An Asset

The trademark is considered as an important resource as it makes a trademark and prevails in it. Furthermore, it very well may be contracted, exchanged and diversified in a business way.

Worldwide Filing of Registered Mark

A trademark which is documented and enrolled in India can likewise be enlisted in different nations as well. In like manner, outsider brands or organizations can likewise record a trademark registration enlisted in India.

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